Options to improve performance when loading flat list used in reporting



I'm loading flat data between 2 Anaplan models and in the target model, I'm using the Sum function to dimensionalize the flat data into a reporting module.

The reporting module needs to have 5 lists + time and also requires summary to be on so data can be reviewed at aggregate levels.

As a result the import action to load the flat list and data has poor performance.

Are there options to improve the load performance without giving up the requirements on the reporting module?

I was thinking about creating a staging module with summary turned off that uses sum function and then feeding that into the reporting module but that will add extra space.


  • Hi neeti,

    Check out these to optimum utilization of space.

    Which line items does not require summery,

    are there any subsidiary views?

    is there any line items used as header where the text format set to NO DATA.

    Check for the line item that can be used as system module.

    check out any line items use conditional formatting with summeries enabled?

  • anirudh

    Hi Neeti,

    Are you deleting and reloading the flat list each time in the target model?

  • Have you thought about a delta load if some of the data remains constant? e.g. why load prior months again if they remain constant. There is a video on delta loads on Anaplan Academy.