Keep deleted Pages for 30 days


Add the ability to "Restore Deleted Pages" for each app up to 30 days after deletion.

We've ran into this issue a couple of times where someone deletes a page and the page needs to be recreated completely which is time consuming when the page is heavily customized and not just a module view dropped in.

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  • I believe we may already have this capability via the 'Apps' Section of Anaplan, or atleast I have that capability in my company's tenant.

    I would check the App section, and click on the three horizontal dots icon to the left of create, for an option called "Restore deleted apps" (Screenshot below). Clicking this opens up a console showing previously deleted apps (90 day history) that can be selcted and restored.

    Hoping it is the same for you/helpful.

  • I see, as a WSA i dont have that capability which sucks since I'm the one building. If we adjust the request to allow WSA to have access to that functionality. Thanks @clobo01 !

  • Hey @MirBorishkevich,

    I wonder could it be tied to the 'Page Builder' role, as that is a role I have in my tenant in addition to WSA for my product team's workspaces and models. This could be why you don't see it if that is truly the case, and if so, your tenant admin should be able to grant you the page builder role. Found this Anapedia guide as I was curious, however it doesn't state whether you need a special role sadly.

  • @clobo01 I think that is limited to restoring a full app but looks like the ask is for a specific page.

    @MirBorishkevich two ways I've solved this in the past are: (1) create a legacy app and then instead of deleting specific pages you could use the "Move Page" functionality. Then after a certain amount of time remove them from the legacy app. (2) create a legacy category and then "change category" of the page within the app itself.

  • @josephwood That would be a workaround, yes. Then you do run into the maintenance of the legacy app, which i would rather avoid.

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