L3 Account Assignment

Guys! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE revise this training. It is so unclear as to what exactly you are asking us to do. This is not realistic, this is not a real life scenario, right! In real life we have discussions, we go to meetings, we follow an Agile methodology, and we get to ask questions whereas here you have left us in the blind. Why cant you provide more screen shots with expected results. This just does not reflect real expecation in the outside world.

Assignemnt - Where did you ask me to build an assignment feature up to this point? This is SO confusing. Am I assuming the assignment has not occur yet? Am I assuming what you have given me as territories is THE assignment? Will some of the existing assignments be overriden later on?

What do you expect in Assigned>1? Depending on the formula that i use, i either get all of the check boxes selected or none selected. Each account is assigned to count of 35 territories per account - that is count of 35 - what exectly do you want to see with this check box. I dont get it and I have been stuck in this for a week now with no response from anyone!!!!!

Number of Assignemnts - what do you mean? Count function to calculate how many times an account has been assigned where? By who? In which module?


  • Hi @[email protected], I totally get that the statment are not clear. There sould have have been more screenshots as well.

    For the above issue,

    In SYS06 Territory Account Details, you have already assigned the territory against a perticular account. You can fetch the details from that module into a line item where you can count and based on the count you can assign true or false.

    For QUO02,

    Its not necessary to use count function, you can use other way to derive the details.

    QUO02 Account Over Assignment


    A1 Account





    G2 Country

    'SYS02 Account Details'.Country


    Location Flat

    'SYS02 Account Details'.Location

    Number of Assigments


    'QUO01 Territory Account Validation'.cf_Account[SUM: 'QUO01 Territory Account Validation'.Account Name]

    Over Assigned


    Number of Assigments > 1

    Not Assigned


    Number of Assigments = 0

  • @rishi8118 Thank you for your prompt response. A few things:

    • cf_Account - i think this is to be used for conditional formatting when Territory Country and Accountry are not same, we ouught to highlight them in color. But even when i put in the formula you have, i get 35 per each row, not one 1 like you did.
    • They gave us the Count line item in the QUO01 module - i think that should be used in the QUO02 Number of Assignemnts: 'QUO01 Territory Account Validation'.Count[SUM: 'QUO01 Territory Account Validation'.Account Name] - what i am getting in the QUO02 with this formula is for example 35 Candyate in country = US in Location = New York
    • In QU01 - Assigned > 1? - i see what formula you have used but they advised us against using a SUM and a LOOKUP in the same formula. Essentially when i do this 'SYS06 Territory Account Details'.Count[SUM: 'SYS06 Territory Account Details'.Account, LOOKUP: 'SYS06 Territory Account Details'.Account] > 1 - ALL of the check boxes are checked - is this normal? Expected?

  • Agreed - Activity 4.4 should be lifted to the beginning of the Sprint otherwise it is extremely confusing.