Email notification on UX requires an update!


As a model builder, I want to configure "Notification" action more:

Currently, I can only enter the Title and Message as a template of the letter which is going to be sent via the Notification button:

Both sentences will be shown in the body of the letter while the subject of the letter will remain the same even if the notifications are different actions on different dashboards:

Getting such e-mails from different departments, different people, and about different topics - you will receive a full list of indistinguishable letters which do not tell who is the sender and what they are about. You will have to go to each letter one by one to find the one you need now.

My proposal is the following:

  • add all options "Mail to" has from Classic UX (except the need to open Outlook);
  • add an ability to enter distinguished "Subject" of the letter;
  • add an option to show the sender in the subject (the user who pushed the notification button);
  • add an ability to send a selected set of data in the letter.

"Quick win" can be just to make a configurable subject!

And if anyone of you have something to add here - you are welcome to do so! :)


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