Is there a way to hide the models from end user on Home page?



I would like to hide the models from certain end users that will be using dashboards only. Today, when they get to the workspace homepage, they can see all the models and it confuses users. I would like them to only see the App page where all the dashboards are.

I know they can use that Show/Hide function but it is at the User level. Is there a way that I can turn it off for specific users / User roles completely?

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  • BrunoRodriguez
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    Hello @DeepakK ,

    That certainly a problem that most model owners are having. You give access to a significant number of people and the first thing that pops up are the models - which is really confusing for them.

    From what I have heard, there is a functionality coming to rearrange that view. This will be in a user by user basis. Just hold tight because I believe it is close.


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    Bruno Rodriguez