L3 sprint 2 assign accounts to more than one territory



I am confused as to how it is possible to assign accounts to more than one territory.

When we need to import into a numbered list, we need to uniquely identify each entry. I use the account code. As such, every time I change the territory assignment, the import function will automatically override it. What am I doing wrong with the import action?


  • Hello @JZCG ,

    Unfortunately, we can only guide with regards to level 3. We cannot provide answers as with level 2.

    Nevertheless, I could tell you that there is a file called "CYW+Scenario+Territory+to+Accounts.csv" that is meant to be used for this purposes. It basically provides a relationship between Account and Territory.

    Remember that you need to create a unique code for each Territory>Account. Concatenation of codes (i.e., code1_code2) is a widely used practice.

    Hope that helped!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • JZCG

    Thank you @BrunoRodriguez. I have figured it out!