Is Summary Behavior


When a line item is included in a sum the Is Summary automatically enabled. This can be disabled manually in blueprint mode.

When adding additional line items to that sum, the Is Summary automatically re-enabled.

This default behavior has some undesirable impacts for exports where summary items are omitted.

A quality of life improvement would be that Is Summary for a line item should not be re-enabled if it was previously disabled as this is more intuitive. Workarounds are possible for this behavior as omitting summaries from an export is not necessary with proper filtering/showing of line items.

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  • As a solution to this problem you can add +0 to the end of formula and in this case the line Item is not "is summary"

  • allen

    When "Is Summary" is check-marked on for a Line Item, it prevents another Module's (IF-THEN, SUM, QUARTERTODATE) complex formula from using this value. Once I un-selected "Is Summary" my complex formula worked.

  • Tim_Mark

    Neat trick @dmitrii.mamaev thank you!

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