Date Line Item using Min Summary


I am using line item formatted as date with 6 level hierarchy. I am using summary as Min for the same.

I am facing issues where if there is no date in my list P6, i am getting 12/31/2399 for all NonBlank list members. Please advise best way to handle it without doing any hardcoding.




  • Hello, Thanks for looking into it, but it doesn't work incase there are no P6 list members. Also, I do not want to hardcode P6 list member & it should apply to wherever P6 members are available. Please advise.

  • Example screenshot below. If there is no L6 member, date automatically comes up as 12/31/2399. I am using a MIN Summary function here.

    But incase I have atleast 1 L6 member, it looks good. Please advise.

  • This formula determines whether the date in P6 doodle jump is blank. If it is, it will return an empty string ("") or any other value you request. If it is not blank, it uses the Min summary function to calculate the minimal value.

  • mohitohri1811
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    What should be the result incase there is no P6 list member ?

    In current scenario, if my p6 member is blank or non blank, all p5 till p1 looks good. However, incase there is no P6 member, all other lists from P5 till P1 shows 12/31/2399 due to Min Summary I am using. Please advise.