[Part 3] Anaplan Audit History Data in an Anaplan Reporting Model

edited July 2023 in Best Practices

With Anaplan Audit, Enterprise and Professional level Customers can track audit events that occur in their Anaplan tenant.

For the Anaplan Audit History project, we created a simple Anaplan reporting model and app to report on Anaplan Audit events in the Anaplan UX.

Customers may download and use the Anaplan Audit Model & App in their Customer tenant. The standalone Anaplan Audit model consists of a single Anaplan model with a small number of lists, modules, actions, processes, and user experience pages. Customers are able modify and maintain their Audit Model as they see fit.  

Once connected to the Python integration described in Part 2, Customers may schedule daily updates from the SQLite tables.  The model update process consists of a single Anaplan process that imports new audit data as text into a flat ‘Audit’ module. SUM and COUNT functions sum over audit event frequencies by Audit activity category into an ‘Audit Report’ module. A ‘Refresh Log’ module is dimensionalized with a batch ID dimension that captures timestamps of every model update as well as record counts. These three modules are displayed on UX pages.

The Anaplan model is ~2MB at download, but will grow over time as the number of unique audit records increases based on the volume of activity in a Customer’s tenant. Customers may therefore need to periodically archive older audit data to maintain desired model size. 

Audit Logs are available to members of the Tenant Auditor role via either the Administration UI or via the Audit API. The Anaplan Tenant Admin assigns members of the Tenant Auditor Role. Audit logs are available through the Admin console or the REST API for 30 days.

Please reach out to your Anaplan Customer Success Business Partner or Representative to obtain your Model copy. The Anaplan Audit Model is not supported by Anaplan and is used at Customer’s own discretion.

See Part 1 and Part 2 of Anaplan Audit History Data in an Anaplan Reporting Model.


  • Seems intresting, I tried a similar approach and less reliable way to fetch logs for a spoke model where I download the history for every 24 hours and modify it using Pandas and upload back to a History Tracker Model. This solution tracks the entire Tenant. Where can I download the Model and App ?, I coudn't find it in the App Hub.

  • @tharuns98 I will message you directly to get you a copy, thanks for the interest!

  • It seems that this solution will provide a seemless experience to get the Anaplan log.
    Could you please provide the the links?

  • I have been thinking to do something similar to track logs. Could you help me download the Model or App?

  • @ChrisStauffer , any chance you would be able to share a copy with me as well?

    We've tried to do this with mixed results, and this looks like a fantastic solution!

  • @kjacokes I will email you, thanks for the interest!

  • @ChrisStauffer would you be able to share a copy of this model me as well

  • Tristan thank you for the interest - I will email you directly. ~Chris

  • RamaC

    @ChrisStauffer would you be able to share a copy of this model me as well

  • @ChrisStauffer would you be able to share a copy of this model me as well

  • Pratik, I will email you.

  • Just wondering .. has anyone here who requested for a copy of the model actually received a copy of the model? I believe our Anaplan contact has requested their support team to copy it across to our workspace but last advise I received is that it was pending action from the Anaplan support team and this was more than a week ago.

    For those who have received a copy, if you can share how you've found it so far.

  • @TristanS

    Hi Tristan,

    yes we've been copying the model to anyone who asks.

    I emailed you on July 31 to your community listed email address.

    Please reach out to me at chris.stauffer@anaplan.com so we can get you a copy.