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We were considering using Cloudworks for integration instead of Anaplan Connect scripts and someone is dissuading us from using Cloudworks because it had "performance" issues because there is only one server dedicated executing all actions setup on Cloudworks? Is this true as I'm unable to find any such information on this forum? Also, are there any advantages of using Anaplan Connect scripts vs Cloudworks and vice versa?


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    CloudWorks indeed is slower as compared to any other tool but that doesn't mean it takes hours instead of minutes. I have experienced it to be slower but it does the job very well. I would say if you are planning to schedule the jobs in non Business hours then there should not be any issues. As of today CloudWorks can work only with AWS S3, Google Big Query and Azure Blob. You can also build your own integration with CloudWorks API. It is easy to use and doesn't need any technical resource.

    Anaplan connect on the other hand works on batch or shell scripts. You will have to have common interface to place Anaplan Connect and Scripts on the folder and then you would need scheduler to run the jobs. Anaplan Connect OAuth need you to have dedicated resource who could understand the technicalities of these scripts.



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  • Hi @TristanS ,

    I think its totally depend on the business needs.

    Advantages and disadvantages of using Anaplan connect:

    1.For suppose if you are getting files monthly basis and your file name has timestamp then using cloudworks is not feasible option.

    2. If you want the maintance of the files like archiving the loaded files then using Anaplan connect achive that.

    3. You would definitely need some server or something to schedule your scripts and getting files to that server.

    4.using cloudworks makes filenames as static.

    These are some of the differences.

    hope this helps:)



  • Providing an update on CloudWorks as we've experienced with one of our clients. Since we went live with CloudWorks on Nov 2023, there has been 2 instances that CloudWorks did not execute a set of scheduled daily integration flows (occurred once a month). There were no scheduled Anaplan outage when this occurred and Anaplan Support is currently investigating. There were jobs scheduled to execute at 2am and 8.15am. The jobs scheduled at 8.15am did not execute at all in these 2 instances but executed the jobs scheduled at 2am.