Ability to input text commentary with text formatting options in Management Reporting - New UX

While working on a project, a useful implementation emerged. Currently in Anaplan, via Management Reporting, it is possible to create documentation that cannot be customised by the user. In fact, the end user using the system can only look at the data and comments previously entered by the Page Builder. We tried creating a dashboard linked to management reporting in which it was possible to enter comments, but Anaplan does not read any formatting. Especially in companies with many subsidiaries, it is useful to give the end user the following possibility:

Formatting and text entry (line break or any text formatting) within the Management Reporting, so that they can comment on the data themselves

The end user must of course not be able to edit the tables present, so that he can ensure a unique file structure but with different comments. Thus, only selected spaces must be able to be edited by the user with text input.

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  • Allowing end users to add formatted comments and text formatting within Management Reporting would indeed provide enhanced flexibility and improve backpack battles communication within the system.

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