Password expiration management for technical account to access API


Hi Anaplan team,

We are in bout to automatise the data integration from / to our IS to from / to Anaplan using your APIs. To do that, we will use our ETL (Talend)

However, we found that the password expiration management is more for humain rather than machine. In fact, there is up to 90 days of password duration where a mail is sent to technical e-mail address (ETL) where we need to connect and do it manually.

To have better automation of this part, I would suggest an automatic password reset through you APIs where ETL can use it. I suggest a proposals on the way to do it :

When a trusted machine authenticates through API to Anaplan to send data, an answer from Anaplan = 20X to indicates that password is going to expire in the last few days, then machine will call a specific Anaplan API to reset password.

We are able at our end to manage this orchestration to better ease the automatic integration of a machine (middlewares) with your APIs.


Fodil BOUMGHAR @Airliquide

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