Format Numeric Data in NUX and in Module


This is similar to the below but more blown out -

I have a requirement to better format a View to enhance a viewer's experience in a specific order with specific formatting on a line item based off of a line item subset.

Unfortunately, a singular Number line item cannot both be formatted to show 1000's and % at the same time, so if I have -

Total Revenue 1,200
Total Cost & Expense 1,000
Income 200
Stakeholder Margin 16.66%
Revenue Per Person 10

To accomplish the above today, I create a module based on a Line Item Subset, then add an "Amount" field based on a COLLECT() and format it as text. By formatting it as text, it left justifies everything making the numbers look off.

Creating additional line item for the purpose of this report is not an option, all items must fit into a single field with the line item subset as the rows and the Amount field as Columns. (over time).

An easy solution to my problem is to allow me to choose how to justify my Text field. A more robust option could be to allow me to set formatting on a per line item (in a line item subset) basis within the NUX, or to allow me to choose how to justify the data. Right now you can only choose how to justify the headers and not the underlying data cells in the NUX.

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