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For page builders it would be great to also have horizontal grid lines in the pages designer view. This would help to align the size of the cards not only in the width but also in height. This is especially helpful if you have a page with multiple text cards that are functioning as links to pages, or headers.

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    1. Gridlines: The vertical lines you see may be the gridlines that are displayed in the designer view by default. You can toggle the gridlines on or off by going to the "View" menu and unchecking the "Gridlines" option.
    2. Column borders: If the vertical lines are only appearing between specific columns, it is possible that the column borders have been enabled for those columns. To remove the vertical lines between columns, select the columns where the lines appear, right-click, and choose "Format Columns." In the formatting options, make sure the "Borders" section is set to "None" or adjust the border settings as desired.
    3. Custom formatting: The vertical lines could also be a result of custom formatting applied to the cells or columns. Check if any conditional formatting or other formatting rules have been set that include border styles. Modify or remove the formatting rules to eliminate the vertical lines.
    4. Display settings: It is worth checking your display settings to ensure they are set correctly. Sometimes, certain graphics card or monitor settings can cause display anomalies. Try adjusting the display resolution or updating your graphics drivers to see if it resolves the issue.

    joey farias

  • Hi @rishmestrant

    thanks for your comment!

    I'm so sorry for the cunfison…I actually meant horizontal grid lines in the designer view to arrange the size of cards.

    I'm aware of the vertical ones. Sorry again, my mistake. I corrected it in the description.

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