Filter Option on New Ux displaying complete list data when limited items are published on dashboards

When we apply filter on new ux it displays us with the complete list of items to be selected instead the ones showing on the dashboard. Also when we apply one filter on one column and try to apply another filter on the second one still it displays with the entire list instead of the limited items that got filtered out earlier.

For an example:

Here I have applied filter on Manager, here the entire list of Managers are available even the inactive ones which are filtered out of the dashboard view. This used to work correctly in Classic dashboard.

Then later when I applied filter on manager and now I want to filter employee, it still shows me with the entire list of employees instead of the filtered ones with respect to the managers.

It would be great to have this as this was working fine in our classic dashboards and we need this in New Ux as this functionality is used by users on daily basis.

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