Announcing the 2023 Center of Excellence Leader of the Year!

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Congratulations to Anaplan’s 2023 Center of Excellence Leader of the Year, Anne-Charlotte Vidal, Head of Anaplan Center of Excellence at Moët Hennessy!

Anne-Charlotte has been an integral part of the Center of Excellence journey since its inception. Her leadership and vision have steered the Transversal CoE team, spanning EMEA, US, and APAC, towards remarkable growth. Under her guidance and the sponsorship by leader Sidney Grunberg (IT Director, Finance HR Legal), the user base expanded from 400 to 1100, and the number of use cases doubled to a total of eleven large business cases. Anne-Charlotte's relentless focus on strong ROI and her ability to define the value of projects from the outset has significantly contributed to the success of Anaplan's expansion into finance, supply, marketing, and wine-making operations with worldwide deployments. Her exceptional knack — with the help and investment of the entire team — identifying unique use cases that add value to the organization, coupled with her commitment to cross-functional alignment and expansion, has made a lasting impact. Her talent for selling the value of Anaplan internally and leading a self-sufficient, cross-functional, and effectively governed CoE has been nothing short of remarkable. Anne-Charlotte's willingness to share her story with other customers in the Anaplan ecosystem showcases her collaborative spirit and dedication to the community.

This is one of the most prestigious awards in the Anaplan talent ecosystem, and it celebrates the outstanding accomplishments and dedication of our top Anaplan professionals. We are proud to acknowledge that Anne stood out among the best of the best in a highly competitive process, showcasing her exceptional abilities and unwavering dedication.

“Since she joined Moët Hennessy Center of Excellence four years ago, Anne-Charlotte has greatly participated in the constant improvement, creation of value, and the support of the growth of Moët Hennessy. Through her application, both within this “Maison” [brand] and in governance with the LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) group, she has been able to provide a framework and structure its organization in different areas: a self-sufficient team, gathering business and IT experts, governance, and managing a community of users. All this with the strong involvement of her management and her team. In the LVMH group, if another "Maison" wishes to create a CoE, I put them in direct contact with Anne-Charlotte, as she is one of the leaders in our CoE roundtable with other customers.”

Adrien Teffaine, Senior Customer Success Business Partner at Anaplan

We asked Anne-Charlotte to share more about her experience and role! Here’s what she had to say:

What are some of the most valuable skills you have learned along your journey to becoming a CoE Leader?

Anne: Some of the most valuable skills I learned are: curiosity about Anaplan technology, organization and management, leadership, teamwork, the ability to work in a matrix organization (breaking down silos), communication, and legal and compliance.

As a CoE Leader, in your opinion, what are some of the benefits to having a CoE within an organization?

Anne: Benefits include design authority in term of Anaplan architecture, Anaplan model building and integration, internal community management from sponsors to users, internal expertise and tech watch (POC; new features early access programs; …), and application delivery and run management.

What are some of the specific opportunities that being a CoE leader has brought to you?

Anne: The opportunities being a CoE Leader has brought me includes meeting new people at Anaplan (Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Product Officer, and Product Managers) and in many other companies to get feedbacks and benchmarks (other LVMH Maisons and other industries).

What's one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to develop a CoE?

Anne: It takes a lot of energy to connect people — do not hesitate to break down silos!

What are some of the resources within the Anaplan Community that you have found the most valuable?

Anne: The resources I’ve found valuable are posts related to new releases and also to formula usages.

Lightning round: your favorite movie or show, food, and book.

Movie: French movies with French actors like Pierre Niney and Romain Duris (Boîte Noire, L’arnacoeur)
Foods: Hamburgers, Indian food, and dark chocolate
Book: Thrillers with the French author Franck Thilliez


Anne-Charlotte was recognized this week at the Anaplan Community Experience (ACE) event in San Diego. A huge congratulations and thank you to Anne-Charlotte!