How to pull previous year end balances into a monthly calc


So I am having a bit of an issue

I need to do a calculation monthly, but I need to refer back to the previous year end balances as my start point for all months.

I tried doing it with offset, why I take a starting balance for that month, and then offset everything back to December to lookup the amount needed in my calc, based on the month number, but I would get circular references in following line items.


  • @alismith Try using LAG function instead of OFFSET

  • Hi @alismith ,

    Please find the solution below:
    Step1:Create system module.

    Step2: module2


    hope this helps :).


  • I found Lag gave me the same circular reference.

    I found a solution by having my module in the month dimension and then a version in the year, and then looking up the year value for each month.

  • Hi @alismith ,

    Glad you found the solution.