Underscrore not showing in Module name

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Hi Team,

It seems confusing to others when they check the module names(2nd).
I mean for example: module "Monthly_Distribution" is showing correctly below but however if check the module name(mentioned in 2nd) it is not showing underscore.
Sometimes it will be a bit difficulty to find the module if it has multiple underscores in it.

Can we get the module name as is in the tab(2nd)?

Hope you understood my question.


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  • asarna
    edited June 2023

    Hi @Venki9902 ,

    Go to the blueprint view and double click on the module name and change it to desired name, maybe that will solve your problem

  • Hi @asarna ,

    Yes, we can do that but whenever someone shares a screen and you try to want to open the same module from your side, that will be a bit confusing right?


  • This is such a needed feature. Thanks for brining it up @Venki9902

  • Agreed, this feature needs to be added in Anaplan.

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