Hide sensitive data while keeping aggregations available



I have some sensitive information (salary) on my company which I don't want all users to see. However, some users must see total level (for example sum of salary by department…).

Let's suppose the detailed data is stored on a module A, and aggregations are calculated in module B (so it picks up data from module A). If I set "none" as a role access for module A, can users see correct totals on module B? Otherwise, what could be a solution to hide these data?

Thanks for your help.

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  • Venki9902
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    Hi @Emmeline ,

    In the module A, Apply the DCA so that no one can able to see the data of the salary at employee Level.
    Then for the module B create one more DCA to only few users can able to view data at upper level(Department).

    I Presume Department -Employee has Parent-child relationship.
    General example:
    Step1:Employee Salary

    2.After applying DCA:

    Step3:Salary at Department level:

    in these module apply DCA based on which user want to see the data at the top level.

    If there is no Parent child relation use sum function to aggregate using mapping and apply the same DCA for Step3.

    Hope this helps :).