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Hi All,

If I upload a file to Anaplan server using Bulk API, can a user manually run the import action from actions page in Anaplan to import the uploaded file into the Anaplan Model, are there any limitations or pre-requisite?

For example I understand if I am uploading the file using basic authentication with a user ID and PW, I have to use the same User ID and PW to log into Anaplan and run the action manually from actions page. Is there a way some other user can run the action to import the uploaded file?

If I use certificate authentication can any user log into Anaplan and run the import action manually to import the file that was uploaded via Anaplan API.


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  • Stacey_Gibbens

    Hi @Retro,

    I don't think that file permissions work like that. From my experience (prove me wrong!), it doesn't matter what you set when you create the action… you can make it "everyone" and then when an integration user uploads a file via an API/AnaplanConnect then the permission on the freshly loaded version of the file is reset to "only me" and cannot be controlled with a parameter or other setting.

    The messed up part is that for some length of time until the upload expires, there will still exist a version of the file that you uploaded while logged in as the integration account…. which WILL be available to "everyone," but THAT VERSION of the file isn't the live one… it isn't the one being updated by the API/AnaplanConnect. It's still that original file you used when you created the import. It's frustrating.

    In my experience, when a file is uploaded by API/Anaplan Connect, that file is not available to any other user, regardless of the user's workspace admin status. The only way that it ever worked for me is to have the integration account upload and then import the file.

    Now, if you want to give a user the opportunity to choose when the import into live modules happens, maybe you could have the integration account upload and then import the data to a secured staging module? There, it would just hang out until the end-user wanted it. That seems like it could work. :)

    Good luck!



  • Hi Retro,

    When this scope of work in Anaplan was my primary job, I found this restriction kind of annoying.

    Unless Anaplan has changed how permissions work with files imported via an AnaplanConnect/Bulk API (and I don't think they have), the file permissions default to "only me" and cannot be defined otherwise by a variable/config setting in the command string. Therefore, the action also has to be run by the same integration account in order to pick up the file loaded by the API by the integration account. This is regardless of how the user is authenticated. The integration user account is still the integration user account, regardless of if it is authenticating via basic auth or certificate auth.

    Sorry for the bad news. I would love if someone from Anaplan could tell us differently. It sure would be nice to be able to specify file permissions as part of the file upload command.


  • Retroflame
    edited June 2023

    Hi @Stacey_Gibbens , thanks for replying. Will it work if the file permission is set to admins only while creating the import action & use certificate authentication while uploading the file via bulk api? Because in this way we are not using any integration account to authenticate the file upload isn't it? Not sure if this is feasible but would like to hear your thoughts on this.