Import clearing out data even if list item is not mapped but time is mapped?


During a file import or module to module import, is it possible that even though the list item is unmapped or is not present in the file but since the time period matches, the other items are updated regardless of not being mapped?


  • Hi @ChaitanyaKakara ,

    Suppose for 1 list item you have data 100 and next time if you try to import the data from file or model to model transfer if the above list combination data not exists in your file or model to model transfer,
    Data will not get clear.

    Sample Example:
    CCL1 list item has some data:

    CC1 removed from the file.

    After Import:CCL1 Data not cleared

    Hope this helps:)


  • @Venki9902 Thank you! What about module to module import in the same model?

    The following is the article I am referring to:

    Although here it mentions line items and not list items under the "Clear the target for the Time dimension" section

  • Venki9902
    edited June 2023

    Hi @ChaitanyaKakara ,

    As per my knowledge, it clears the target first with mapping combinations then inserts the data.

    I have tested with module-to-module transfer also by copying the data from data to Data2 and also I have entered some data in data2 before running the action.

    And data for the below-highlighted list items have not got cleared.

    In the link you have provided:
    If you select Clear target prior to import, the import deletes values in target cells and replaces them with mapped source cell values. You can then further configure the options to clear the target on the tab for each dimension. There are specific options for the Time dimension that differ to those for other dimensions.If you select Only update imported cells, the import only clears cells that already exist in the target where there’s a matched source item

    Hope this helps :).


  • @venki9902 Definitely helps thank you!