Quarter To Date and Half-Year To Date in the Time Summary Period

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It is great that we have Quarter Totals and Half-Year Totals in the Time Summary but we also need the ability to calculate Quarter To Date and Half Year To Date, the same concept as the Year To Date (currently available). This is crucial when analysing To Date performance which is required in most of our monthly reporting.

Currently we use work arounds but this is not practical due to size and calculation. Adding To Date time summary as native to Anaplan will be a lot more efficient in all aspects including UX reporting.

Please see calculation below. For example, current period in the model calendar is Nov 2023. YTD calculates from Jan 23 to Nov 23 (currently available in anaplan). Quarter To Date (QTD) will calculate from Oct 23 to Nov 23. Half-Year To Date (HTD) calculates from Jul 23 to Nov 23.

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