"Always Open on Current Page" Impact on NUX Dashboard Design


We have recently run into an issue where Views designed for the Classic UX published to the NUX are mismatched on common dimensions because of "Always Open on Current Page".

When saving a view "Always Open on Current Page" is checked by default. When multiple common views that share dimensions are published to the NUX, you might get a mismatch of actual dimension selectors for each view when initially opening. This can be very difficult for an end-user to overcome who sees one set of selectors at the very top of the board, but have the data saying something else entierly. We've had to either rebuild the individual views or publish the labels for each dimension so that the end-user can recognize when they need to reselect the top-level dimensions.

There should be either a default option by board or when the "synchronize on selection" by Grid tile is turned on that the tiles all sync to the top level selectors.

This only impacts the NUX and doesn't impact any dashboard built in the Classic UX which adds an additional layer of frustration. Especially if the dashboards are recreated from Classic —> NUX.

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