How to rank values of a list item across Time


I have module with List A and Time Dimension(Months) Line Item - Value

I want to rank Values to display only top 3 contributing across time period for each list item. In the screenshot below I want to display only Apr 20, May 20 and Feb 20 for Item 1.


  • Hi @Arjunnsai,

    Indeed, the Anaplan Rank function works well to rank values when the module is dimensioned by lists.

    But time dimension reacts a bit differently.

    A workaround is to create a fake time period list and, then, map it to the Anaplan time dimension.

    Well explained in this similar case:

    Hope this helps!

  • Create a new line item in your module to calculate the rank of each value within its respective time period for each list item. You can use a formula that utilizes the RANK function or a similar ranking function available in your planning or analytics tool. The rank should be calculated based on the value in the "Value" line item. Next, create a Boolean line item that identifies the top 3 contributing values for each list item. You can accomplish this by setting up a formula that checks if the rank of a particular line item value is within the top 3 ranks for its corresponding list item and time period. Finally, apply a filter or view to your module to display only the rows where the Boolean line item is set to true. This will effectively filter out the values that are not within the top 3 contributing values for each list item across the selected time period.