Community Perspective: Introducing PlanaPY - A Python library for simplified Anaplan API integration

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Author: Erik Schau, Senior Business Analyst, The Duckhorn Portfolio.


As data-driven decision-making becomes increasingly essential for businesses, the demand for seamless integration with enterprise planning platforms is on the rise. Anaplan offers powerful APIs for developers to interact with its platform, however leveraging these APIs effectively often requires a significant amount of manual effort. Enter PlanaPY, a revolutionary Python library designed to act as a wrapper for the Anaplan bulk API and Anaplan ALM API, streamlining integration and enhancing ease of use.

Streamlining API Integration

The Anaplan bulk API and Anaplan ALM API provide developers with the tools to interact with Anaplan's data processing and application lifecycle management functionalities. However, utilizing these APIs directly can be challenging due to complex authentication mechanisms, intricate request structures, and low-level data handling requirements. PlanaPY aims to simplify these complexities and empower developers to effortlessly unlock the full potential of Anaplan's APIs.

Key Features of PlanaPY

  1. Authentication Simplification: PlanaPY provides a straightforward authentication process, eliminating the need for developers to handle low-level details manually. By abstracting the authentication flow, the library streamlines the process, allowing users to focus on their core integration tasks.
  2. Intuitive Request Building: Constructing requests for Anaplan's APIs is made more intuitive through user-friendly methods. The library encapsulates the intricacies of request structures, reducing the time and effort required to interact with the APIs effectively.
  3. Bulk Data Management: PlanaPY simplifies the handling of bulk data operations, enabling seamless importing, exporting, and manipulating of large datasets. The library optimizes data transfers to ensure efficient communication between Python and Anaplan, enhancing overall performance.
  4. ALM Automation: With PlanaPY, developers gain the ability to automate the application lifecycle management processes of Anaplan. The library offers easy-to-use methods for deploying and managing models, thereby empowering users to efficiently handle the entire Anaplan lifecycle.

Getting Started with PlanaPY

To start using PlanaPY, developers can simply install the library via pip (pip install PlanaPY) and import it into their Python projects. Comprehensive examples are provided on PlanaPY’s GitHub repository.


PlanaPY improves the integration experience with Anaplan's bulk API and ALM API by providing a simplified and intuitive interface for Python developers. By abstracting the complexities of authentication, request handling, and data management, the library empowers users to focus on building powerful integrations and automating critical planning processes. With PyPlan, businesses can leverage Anaplan's capabilities more efficiently, leading to enhanced decision-making, streamlined workflows, and improved overall operational efficiency.

GitHub Repository:


Community manager note: Please note that the code shared in the blog hasn't been tested or officially supported by Anaplan. However, we encourage the exploration of different approaches and appreciate community members for sharing their innovative ideas! We're grateful to @eschau for generously providing the blog and source code. Anaplan strongly supports its native REST APIs as the recommended integration method. We deeply appreciate community members who contribute their own code and techniques, as it enriches the ecosystem, expands possibilities, and promotes collaboration within our Community!