How to set actions between PROD models (via DEV models)



I have a question regarding interactions between models and ALM.

I have 4 models: Demand DEV, Demand PROD, Supply DEV and Supply PROD,

I need to establish a link between the Demand PROD and Supply PROD models. My question is how shall I set the action in the Supply DEV that will then be deployed in the Supply PROD to assure the link between demand and supply?

Shall I use Demand PROD as the source in Supply DEV or Demand DEV? If I use Demand DEV how does the Supply PROD know that it should take its data from Demand PROD after the action is deployed?

I don't know if I've made myself clear, please tell me if not and I'll try to reexplain the situation

Thank you πŸ˜„

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  • obriegr
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    Set up the action in your DEV environments first. After using the revision/sync feature to bring the new action to PROD, use the Model Links to change to the correct model that you are trying to link to. Be aware that ALL actions that are attached to the original model will be updated to the new targeting.

  • rob_marshall
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    Is absolutely correct, use the Dev models as the source, the only thing I would change in what he said is to use the Source Model to change the source. This way, it keeps the sources to a minimum. Now, you can change the source in one place.


  • Also, because your model will get enhanced over time and your Anaplan architecture may get shifted around, naming conventions updated, etc. (any number of things can happen!) you will thank yourself later by taking a screenshot of the Source Models screen BEFORE YOU SYNC to reference AFTER YOU SYNC.

    If you're even more interested in making sure you know EXACTLY which workspace and model is mapped, you can right-click-copy the Source Models grid and paste it into an excel worksheet. That will provide the workspace ID, Workspace name, Model ID, and Model Name for each of the "mapped to" models.

    If you've got a bit of history to your model, you may have multiple equivalent data sources that are essentially just "the data hub" but have changed workspace or even experienced a name change over time. Taking these steps can be incredibly helpful to make sure things are able to be remapped properly after a sync.