Impact of model archival on Cloudworks

Hi all,

I had to archive the production model, and when I restored it to deployed mode, I've noticed that the connection to Azure scheduled for last night didn't work (I had it rescheduled but it failed). The status is set to "auto deactivated", however if I manually run the processes, they are successful.

I have rescheduled the processes for tonight, but I'm not sure if they will fail again.

Do you know what I can do?



  • @AlessandraPorroACN Interesting! Let us know what you discover. I think they should run fine once you reschedule these jobs.

  • @AlessandraPorroACN This really seems like it needs to be emailed to [email protected]! I would doubt that this has been seen by many (any?) of us in Community.

    This is a very unfortunate discovery, but considering how UX apps are so tightly connected to models that they are archived or deleted along with a model, this doesn't really surprise me. Please do update this thread when you find an answer, one way or the other.