New Academy badging for Certified Master Anaplanners and Solution Architects!

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The Anaplan Academy is thrilled to share some exciting news with you! In response to your valuable feedback and to enhance the recognition of your achievements, the Academy is thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Anaplan Certification Badge, designed to showcase your expertise in Anaplan and provide you with a distinguished recognition in the industry on July 10, 2023! (Please note: this is separate than the Community badge program!)

At Anaplan, we are committed to recognizing the accomplishments and skills of our valued community members. After rigorous development and testing, we are excited to unveil our Anaplan Certification Program, an industry-leading assessment that validates your proficiency in leveraging the power of Anaplan.

The Anaplan Certification Exam Badge is a digital symbol of excellence that signifies your commitment to mastering Anaplan's platform and delivering outstanding results. By displaying this badge on your professional profiles, such as LinkedIn, resume, or email signature, you can instantly demonstrate your expertise to potential employers, clients, and peers.

Here are a few key details about our new badging system:

  • Digital badge: Each certified individual will be awarded a digital badge, a visually appealing emblem that encapsulates your certification achievement. The badge will be easily shareable across various online platforms, such as LinkedIn, email signatures, and personal websites.
  • Verified authenticity: The digital badges are securely issued and verified, ensuring the credibility of your certification. Prospective employers, clients, and professional networks will have confidence in your qualifications, as the badges provide a direct link to your verified accomplishments.
  • Rich metadata: The badges will contain detailed metadata, showcasing the specific certification you have earned, the skills and knowledge you have demonstrated, and any relevant expiration dates or renewal requirements. This comprehensive information will provide a comprehensive overview of your capabilities to anyone viewing your badge.
  • Simplified sharing: Sharing your certification achievements will be effortless with our badging system. You can easily embed your badges on your digital platforms, allowing you to instantly promote your expertise and enhance your professional reputation.

The certification badges are for Certified Solution Architect (CSA) and Certified Master Anaplaner (CMA). To earn the Anaplan Certification Exam Badge, you must successfully pass our rigorous certification exam. The exam covers a wide range of Anaplan concepts, functionalities, and best practices, ensuring you have the skills needed to drive successful planning and decision-making processes using Anaplan.

Please review the following resources for more information on how to become a Certified Master Anaplanner or Solution Architect:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming badging system, please don't hesitate to reach out to the certification program at

We are excited to embark on this journey with you and witness your professional growth as an Anaplan certified expert. Let's celebrate your accomplishments together with the Anaplan Certification Badge!


  • andrewtye
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  • Thanks @BoL can you give us an idea on the ETA? Love this idea.

  • Amazing! I really love to collect the badges.

  • BoL

    @JaredDolich It is going to be live in July. More information will be available soon.

  • Kalle

    How can I get the badge? This should be live right? Either I´m a bit thick or this page doesn't tell how to actually get the badge.

  • BoL
    edited July 2023


    We are releasing one patch at a time to make sure there is no issues for all the badge earners. If you have not receive it yet, I would say you will receive the link to accept your badge by next Friday (08/04/2023) the latest.

  • @BoL Woohoo just got my badge today. It's awesome but have one feedback. It says I earned the badge back in 2017 when I only got my certification last year. When I got it is less an issue than when it is expiring which is the end of this year.

  • Great to have this available to allow for greater recognition of Anaplan knowledge across the industry. Thanks for getting this setup @BoL

  • BoL


    When you are accepting the badge, there is a part where you can change that. See SC below for your reference.

  • @BoL unfortunately I didn't get an option to update the dates when I accepted it. I only accepted it a few minutes ago after reading your reply. Are you able to assist getting the dates sorted? I'm guessing this badge will expire by December otherwise

  • BoL

    @TristanS I think it gives you the option once you put it on Linkedin.

    All 2023 badges expire on December 2023.

    2024 badge will be issued next year once person complete the recertification requirement for FY24.

  • @BoL Got it … Thanks

  • This is great! Still figuring out how to get mine and when does it expire? Any recertification criteria?

  • BoL

    For more information on Anaplan certification, please use the links provided below. @richbhar

  • Glad i checked on here. The email i received was from a spam-like address > NOT ANAPLAN

  • Hi @BoL

    Any Idea on how much time it takes to receive the badge once we complete Solution Architect Certification?

  • @BoL hey! What are the re-certification requirements for 2024? Not finding any info… Thanks

  • @AnyaS Hi, The 2024 recertification requirements will be available soon. We will announce it once it is ready.

  • @Bol Hi, I have completed 2024 recertification requirements, Please guide me how to download my SA badge.

  • Namdev.Gurme
    edited January 19

    @BoL I have completed 2024 recertification requirements, Please guide me how can I get my SA badge.