CloudWorks Handshake



I would like to ask if CloudWorks is able to furnish a handshake mechanism once it picks up a file from an AWS S3 folder?

For instance if CloudWorks runs an import into Anaplan, it picks File A from Folder 1 and imports it into Anaplan. How can it provide a handshake that the import has been run? Because the requirement is once the import has been run, File A needs to be moved from Folder 1 to Folder 2 (An archive folder) so that a new File A can be parked in Folder 1 for a future import.

Happy to clarify more if needed, but the bottom line is does CloudWorks have a handshake mechanism?




  • Hi,

    Not sure if CloudWorks has a handshake mechanism but could you monitor AWS logs to understand what kind of activity CloudWorks does on the import action and based on that use that activity as trigger for your archiving process?

  • Hi @Ramesh1992

    No, unfortunately cloudworks has no handshake mechanism at the moment but would be good to have it in future. You can also post your idea on idea exchange of the community