Unable to login Level 1 Model building 2.0 (New UX)


Hi there,

I'm not able to log in workspace for Level 1 Model building 2.0 (New UX).

Is there anything that I'm missing to do for the login?


  • Hi @Takehiro

    If you using 90 days free trail u would have received a separate id and password for login to the workspace or if you are using your company workspace contact the admin of your company who had added you to the workspace.


    Akhil Emmanual

  • Hi Akhil,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

    I think I'm using 90 days free trial, but I have not received any separate ID yet…

    Could you please send it to me again?

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Hi @Takehiro

    Kindly try to login from the below home page of Anaplan.

    Kindly use your same email id that you have used for registration.

    If you are worried with the password. Kindly try resetting it by using 'Forgot Password?' link.

    You would receive a password reset link on your registered email ID. Try logging in post resetting your password.

    If you still face any issue, kindly drop a note to support@anaplan.com or academy@anaplan.com.



  • Hi Anand,

    Thank you.

    Still I can not login, and I do not receive password resetting email eventhough requested,

    So will contact your support team.

  • Mudit171
    edited September 2023

    Hi Dear Members

    i am also facing to get 90 days free trail access, need workspace access to complete Certifications, any one here who can suggest why i am getting below email from Anaplan team , am i doing anything wrong or because i have completed Anaplan way and all other mentioned terms and conditions -

    • You are employed by a customer or partner. This program is for unaffiliated learners. Please contact your internal Anaplan team for access to the platform → I am not employed by a customer or partner , ai am an independent learner here
    • You have previously taken advantage of this → Never
    • Your account does not contain a full first and full last name.→ all are filled
    • You have applied to this program with multiple emails. →first time user
    • You have not completed -The Anaplan Way lessons. →completed
    • We have a limited capacity and are not able to satisfy all requests at this time. →is this every fresher facing this o=issue only me ?

  • any one kindly suggest any solution for this