Scenario planning across multiple models


We have 3 to 4 different models that feed from/to each other where we need to perform connected scenario planning across all models.

For those who have had to develop this functionality. I wanted to check how you've implemented it, pros and cons of what you did and if you could do it again if there was anything you would have done differently.

For those who haven't had to develop this functionality. Would be interested to know your thought process on how you would do it, options you would consider, pros and cons.

At the moment, we are considering the following options:

  1. Create a scenario list and add as a dimension to modules which will be impacted by scenario planning
  2. Use Anaplan's native versions and add to modules which will be impacted by scenario planning
  3. Create copies of the models specific for scenario planning (scenario models). Each scenario can be a model on its own.

How did you or would you go about doing this in Anaplan

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  • Puneeth H P
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    Hi @TristanS

    You can think of following ideas, along with the above mentioned article.

    1) Having scenarios as a list and use across all the models is one thing
    2) Instead of dividing on the basis of versions, you can have another custom list for eg;
    Business type and differentiate each models by this Business type.

    Model 1: Business type 1
    Scenarios : Scenario 1/Scenario 2/Scenario 3

    Model 2: Business type 2
    Scenarios : Scenario 1/Scenario 2/Scenario 3

    Model 3: Business type 3
    Scenarios : Scenario 1/Scenario 2/Scenario 3

    Here, you can differentiate the particular data flowing from Data Hub. You can pull only Model 1(Business type 1 ) related data to Model 2(Business type 2) from Standalone Data HUB and so on.

    Also, you can create an integration between these models and can be manually map to each Business types while pulling the data from the Source model to Target Model.

    Smart modeling idea: You can have one DEV Model for this and have multiple PROD models where PROD models are differentiated only by BUSINESS TYPE list, where all the related data flows and functionality within those all PROD models stays same.

    Hope this helps!

    Puneeth HP

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