Error when Exporting Text formatted Number: Missing Leading zero


I have a text formatted line item called Company Code = "0505"

  • When I export the module, I noticed that the Company Code becomes 505 instead of 0505. Why was the leading zero removed when I exported it?
  • To solve it I created another line item thats number formatted and called it New Company code = VALUE(Company Code)

The output was 505 instead of 0505.

  • What should I do so that I can have 0505 to show up after I export it? I need the original company code line item to be text formatted.

Best Answers

  • TristanS
    edited July 2023 Answer ✓

    @ashasli I'm guessing you exported it to a csv formatted file? I believe your original export had 0505 in it but when opened in excel, excel removed the 0 at the front (default behaviour of excel). The solution you tried to do with the value function made it worse though. I suggest restore your original code that Company Code that is "text" format. You can do one of the following so that you see the full value 0505.

    1. Export to excel xlsx format
    2. If you need the export to be a text file, export it as ".txt"
    3. If you really need it to be .csv format then open the file in notepad (not excel) and you should find the full value of 0505 there.

  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @ashasli

    @TristanS has pointed it out correctly. Kindly take the export preferably in .xls format and it would solve your concern of missing zeroes. To select the format of export file kindly follow the below snip.

    The export taken out will look something like below.

    I hope it helps.