Can I send a notification to all users in a model?


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a way to send a notification to all users in a model. Right now, I can select specific emails (up to 20) or pick a line item that is formatted to "Users."

When I do that, I can only choose one email at a time. It won't do all.

Any thoughts?


  • Hi @DeepakK - unfortunately I am not aware of any work around to overcome the 20 recipient limit or the limitations of the notification assignment via module (to a single user).

    Check out this proposal on the Idea Exchange, I think it would be a beneficial platform enhancement to help overcome the challenges you raise here. Be sure to give is vote/comment if you would like to see it prioritized in the roadmap.


    You can specify a list of up to 20 recipients, or you can point to a line item that is a user from a list. If you use a line item, the notification sends to the person specified in the line item when your page users submit the action.

    You can write a message body of up to 300 characters. When your users select the action, they can change this message, to a maximum length of 300 characters.

    add Recipients for your notification:

    • To select recipients manually, for Assign recipients via, select Specific people, and then add recipients.
    • To use a single recipient from module data, for Assign recipients via, select Module data, and then select a Module and Line item. At the top-right of the Notification designer, you can configure the context of the preview without affecting the context of the page or card.