Hi, I am trying to map the E2 Employees# list subset mapping , pls tell me how to map here?


I have to get solution like this , see below screenshot

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  • I believe this is from LV1 training. Review material on mapping by Name and Code. Generally, you will always map by CODE. A rare example otherwise is where you allow a user to enter a list item, then come back and use a module item to generate a code for that Named Item and populate CODE values for list items. So, in the above example, you are correctly using a Numbered List because Employee Names can be the same, possibly have a length that exceeds 60 characters, and last names can change (marital status, etc) . So JOHN DOE and JOHN DOE, two different employees, would be imported correctly by CODE.

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    @jagadishdash I do not recall the specific function or import situation but there is (unless it has been fixed) an issue where missing CODES from either a standard or number list will cause that item to not be correctly included. Therefore, it is best practice to ALWAYS use CODES on either standard or numbered lists. Additionally, CODES are extremely helpful and efficient when used as defined within the best practice material because they provide item metadata without less efficient functions. For example, list item Production Line 1 is at Manufacture Facility 5 (CODE MF5|PL1) allows a list of Production Lines to be created where line item LEFT(CODE,FIND("|")-1) provides MF5 and FINDITEM(Manufacturer,"MF5") provides the Manufacturer list item.



  • Thank you @TristanS @jagadishdash @James Martin - Cognizant I got my solution as per your suggestion