Removing redundant modules


Are there any circumstances (apart from classic dashboards which we don't use) where modules cannot be deleted

when in 'referenced by' blueprint viewing setting is empty?

My understanding if the 'referenced by' blueprint viewing setting is empty then the module could be deleted safely.

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  • Konstantin97
    edited July 2023

    Hi @ravinderQuilter

    I think it's a question and not modeling idea. For the future there is a community section for this

    Regarding to your question, there are also DCA and line item subsets which can be used but not displayed in the "referenced by", in this case you won't be able to delete module.

    Also in might be used as a source for imports in Anaplan, Exports, filters or published on the dashboard. In this case you can delete a module but it will cause an issue.

  • thank you

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