2.4.8 Activity: Unable to edit 'Override?' and 'Override Forecast' in the new UX


Currently on Sprint 2 and I'm on activity 2.4.8. I have this grid in the UX and I'm trying to make the Boolean boxes for 'Override' editable, such that I can input values for 'Override Forecast'. Right now I am unable to edit either line items in the UX page I have created…

This is what I am seeing right now in the UX. In blueprint view for the DEM03 Demand Forecast module, 'Override Forecast' has the correct write access driver of 'AD01 P3 by Account by Week'.Write? … and the summary method for 'Override' is "Any". Not sure what I'm doing wrong but if anyone could help point me in the right direction that would be great.



  • Bishalpilley
    edited July 2023

    Hi @joeolurk Make sure you have turn on allow editing on the UX Card configure grid section. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.



  • Hi @joeolurk

    Not a problem ! You just need to navigate to the card configuration and enable the 'Enter and edit data' section.



  • @Bishalpilley @anand.shekhawat sorry, I forgot to clarify that I already have the “enter and edit cell data” option selected. Even still, I’m unable to enter data into the UX grid.

  • @joeolurk

    Ahh! Ok, Then could you please do a check on the pointers listed below.

    1. Make sure it not a formula based field
    2. Make sure you select the leaf level items in the page selectors while trying to input the data
    3. Make sure you have proper access to 'Write' in this particular line item
    4. Check whether DCA is applied to this module or line item, which might be restricting you to edit the field
    5. Check your user role

    These checks might help you to get it sorted