How to combine 2 item line in General List's properties?


Hello everyone,
I'm new in Anaplan and I got problem now.
Could you help me for this case?

So current now I have data such as below :
General List : Supplier

Current now in my screen, I use to filter Product only using "Supplier" -> show Supplier A
But I want to change it become "Code_Supplier" -> show as 001_Supplier A

I got confused how can I make a formula to combine 2 of item line properties in General List.
I use LOOKUP and FIND ITEM like below but it turn out Error,

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem?

Thank you so much everyone!

Best Regards,

Dian Suci A.

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  • Tiffany.Rice
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    Hey there @Dsuci! First, welcome to Anaplan! I hope you are finding our community of model builders to be a warm and welcoming place!

    The formula you will need to use is and the "Item" you are referencing is the supplier list - CODE('Supplier') as an example. Every list include the option to a Code, this is a foundational list component as it allows you to define the unique identifier which can be huge when importing data from external systems where names may differ but the code is ubiquitous. Thus we use our handy CODE formula rather than a reference to the list properties tab. Hope that helps!

    Also, bear in mind in mind the list structure (standard vs. numbered) if you hope to combine the code & supplier description into a formulaically driven display name.

    Best wishes!


  • jagadishdash
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    Hi @Dsuci

    First of all, Make the supplier list as a numbered list. After that add 2 properties there, (Display Name and Item).

    In the General list add the display name property as Display Name. Then Add the list member in the ITEM column.

    Create a module with supplier list as a dimension and create a Display Name line item with text format. Then add the formula as shown below.

    Then in the List property Display name add the formula.

    Hope it helps.




  • Dsuci

    Hello @Tiffany.Rice Nice to meet you! 😄

    First of all thank you for your answer about my question.

    It help me to understand about the Code and Display Name function.

    But let me confirm one more thing, so is it impossible if I want to create formula to get the data from CODE and Supplier in properties menu (in each item line)?

    For now me and my team use other way to solve this matter,

    we create new item line and re-input the new data, and in the filter screen show the format like we want ("Code_Supplier")

    Thank you again! 😄

    Best Regards,

    Dian Suci A.

  • Thanks @jagadishdash for creating that mock-up!

    @Dsuci - glad you were better able to understand the code vs. display name! Check out Jagadish's example - that should help to solidify the specifics on how you can use list properties and systems modules to facilitate a dynamic display name that concatenates the code + supplier name. Have a wonderful day!

  • Dsuci
    edited August 2023

    Hello everyone!

    Mr. @jagadishdash thank you for the easier example! It really help!
    Now my problem is solved. I can create the data like I want!!
    Really really thank you!

    @Tiffany.Rice thank you for your help too!
    It's nice to have someone talk about my case!

    Thank you again 😆
    Hope you guys have a wonderful day!


    Best Regards,

    Dian Suci A.