How do I take MAX value of weeks and use it as my monthly value?


To illustrate

Module A in Model #1 has a weekly time dimension

My goal is to take the highest weekly MTA number of a given month and bring it to a new Model that's dimensioned by months and use the MAX weekly value from Model #1 as my new monthly value in Model #2

  • MTA's time summary in model #1 is set to Max

  • When I brought the data from Model #1 to Model 2

I see that MTA now has an imported value of 18.8 in Jan 22 instead of 4.70.

  • How do I get 4.70 to show up under Jan 22 in Model #2?

Best Answer

  • AkhilEmmanual
    edited July 2023 Answer ✓

    Ok you can do one thing create a monthly module in same model and you can directly refer from weekly module so u will get correct data in monthly module. This module you can import into monthly module in other model. I hope this will help you.