Possibility to turn off sorting a grid, double-click the column header.


With the new Anaplan release users in UX can sort a grid using double-click the column header. That feature might appear to be a problem because users can double-click the column by mistake (especially if the columns are used for synchronization).

We definetly need the ability to control this feature. It can be a selection that will control if this feature is available for this grid or not - just like we can turn off pivot capability.

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  • @IDNovikov - within the card configuration menu, there is the option to disable the sort data functionality - this prevents users from sorting via the column double click. Is this what you were envisioning or something different?

  • @Tiffany.Rice, thank you! That's what I needed.

  • @Tiffany.Rice I checked it in the UX and I think that you understood me incorrectly. I need the ability to turn off sorting option only by double-clicking. I would turn off sorting functionality completely, if I use the toogle that you marked in the screenshot:

  • Thanks @IDNovikov - that is the exact clarification I was looking for. You aren't seeking to turn off the sort (as we do with the pivot) but rather to enable/disable a subset of that functionality.

  • @Tiffany.Rice, yes, that's what is needed.

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