Formula showing YTD actuals + Remaining Year Forecast

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I'm looking to build a formula that would show the current YTD actual expenses, + the remaining year forecasted expenses to arrive to my FY total expenses. The current model we have set up adds together "Expense from direct Input plan" (Basically our YTD actuals) and adds this value to another column called "Expense from growth rate plan" (Takes the Prior year value and multiplies it by a growth rate) I would want the expense growth rate plan to keep the same formula, but to only provide values for the forecasted months for the remainder of the year since we already have actuals. So the end result would be Actuals for Jan-June + Forecasted Expenses for July-Dec

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  • rob_marshall
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    In the blueprint for the YTD line item, uncheck the Use Switchover




  • @croufail20

    Are you using the native versions or a custom list for versions?

  • We have Budget, actual, and forecast as versions

  • Yes, are they a custom list (under General LIsts) or are you using the native version functionality that comes with Anaplan (under Versions, third icon from the top)?

  • native version that comes with anaplan

  • Are you using Switchover because if you are, then when you display the forecast, actuals will actually render in the months prior to switchover.

  • I am using switchover except for actuals