How to choose multiple departments in page selector

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I'm creating dashboards for budget owners at my firm. In the dashboard I have a variance analysis module showing budget vs actual. If one of my page selectors is the department (Dev, Sales, G&A) and i wanted to show only software dev, and strategy under the dev department in the module how could i do it so that the budget owner would only see those departments and not have access to the Sales, G&A, or remaining Dev sub-departments

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  • Vinay VaradarajM

    @croufail20 ,

    It appears that you have a hierarchical structure where departments is parent level, such as DEV branches out in to software dev, strategy as child elements.

    In order for budget owner role to see only elements of DEV:

    • You can configure selective access at the department level
    • And then provide budget owner the read/write access of the DEV department

    You might want to refer to the below link to read more about selective access: