best recommended practices for the subsidiary view and conditions to meet the line item subnet


I am unable understand the these concepts from the sources can someone please provide me with explanation for these concepts.


  • @mohammed007 : Potentially, every line-item in a module could have different dimensionality. This can be an advantage but also can make difficult to "follow the data (less auditability).

    Subsidiary views are created when a line-item does not have the exact dimensionality of a module ( different Apply To, Time Range or Version defined at the module level).

    I would always try to avoid subsidiary views for line-items that need different lists that are not part of the module setup. I my view, this can make it difficult for the auditability: data is not visible when looking at the module.

    However, it is acceptable to have line-items subsidiary views (in my view), if the line-item dimensionality contains less lists defined at the module level.

    If line-item dimensionality contains existing lists from the module, the data of that line-item is "visible" when the module is navigated.

    Example: module setup with dimensionality Products, Customer, Time.

    For reporting necessity, it is needed to publish in that module some Familty Product property. The properties of the Product do not vary by Customer or Time and in that case, for the Famlily Product Line-item I would change the dimensionality (in Apply To) to be only the Products and take out the Customer and Time for that line-item only.

    I would avoid having line-items that need different dimensionality ( like Product and Country, for example).

    Hope it helps