Unanswered items clean-up

It seems that there are a lots of old (and very old) unanswered questions in the Community site and it seems that they are sorted by date order with the latest items appearing first. If this is true, when I go to the 2nd page (by clicking on the NEXT button) the first item there is dated 29 Jan 2022 which is 1.5 years old.

My suggestion is that this area be cleaned up so that it becomes easier for members willing to respond to these queries to navigate to and respond to queries that are still requiring a response. Things that I thought might help are:

  • Have an automated email or notification to the person who created the post that remains unanswered or unresolved to ask them if their post remains something that they wish responded to once the original posting date is more than 3mths old (or whatever timeframe makes more sense). If they don't respond within 7 or 14 days then assume it has been resolved for them. They can always create another post if they really need it answered.
  • Add the ability for users to filter the unanswered questions. Some filter ideas would be:
    • tags
    • created by
    • date range (from original posting date, from last activity date)

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