Iterate Process X Times


Functionality should be added that allows users to iterate a process X times. This could be done with nested processes (which have gained support and would have other use cases), or some other configuration to determine if a process should be run several times.

Use Case - pro forma financial statement development. To accomplish this type of modeling in excel, a circular reference is established. The workbook must have manual and iterative calculations enabled that allow circular references to run a certain number of times, or allow them to run until they reach a maximum total change in the model. Anaplan doesn't allow any sort of circular references, so to get around this we import imbalance results back into the model. This import becomes increasingly smaller until it reaches zero. A single run of this process may take 5 minutes, and at least 5 iterations are required. Theoretically this could take 25 minutes, but in practice it may take much longer and take attention away from other work.

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