NUX Dashboard Column Charts - Change default legend label "Series 1" when no value returned

The scenario is that we have created a stacked column chart which was synced with context selector or a filter that we added to the module. If the filter (or context selector) returned no value, an empty chart would be displayed with a default legend label “Series 1” on the dashboard.

This default text displayed on the dashboard is not editable and it is not providing any meaningful information to end users (see the attached screenshot)

Two potential solutions that we propose are:

Option 1: Change the default text from “Series 1” to “No value” -> a short-term solution

Option 2: If the card has no value returned, dynamically hide this card, and extend its neighboring card to cover the space. -> a longer-term feature change

Also looking forward to any other suitable workarounds to this limitation. Thank you!

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