NUX Drill-Down side panel: hide or fold the Formula section to end users

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When we drill down from a grid, if there is an underlying formula included in the path, the corresponding level will also show a “formula card” in the side panel above data. Since this formula is irrelevant to end users which may cause confusion, it should not be visible to end users.

So, proposing potential solutions that the NUX dashboard can either:

1). Add a collapse feature (by default) of this formula card, so that end users can unfold the section to see the formula if they want;

2). Add access control logic, aka only displayed to page builder / admin and hidden to end users

Thank you!

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  • ryan_kohn
    edited October 2023

    There has actually been an update to the drilldown panel since this idea was first posted. The update provides additional options for "popping out" parts of the drilldown panel. Does this help to address any part of this idea?

    • Drill down usability enhancements:
      • Improved formula syntax highlighting and indentation to match the modeling experience
      • Ability to expand and maximize the drill down Card to see more of the formula
      • Resize the drill down panel on Boards to see more detail around the formula and number breakdown

    As a side note, I would personally disagree about there not being value to showing the formula to end users. While some more complex formulas may be difficult to digest, there are still plenty of simple formulas that help end users understand how the calculated result has been derived.

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