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One common ask that I normally get is having 2 levels in the column headers. While this can be done by adding another dimension, manually hiding excess columns, and publishing them in a page, this ends up taking up unnecessary space if the intention is to just have the 1st level of the column header act as a label. Would it be possible to have this added in Page Building as sort of a "Column Header Group" labeling function?

If the table doesnt end up taking up a lot of space i usually do the first solution I mentioned, then I normally deliver tables like these. However, for bigger modules, I usually ask the users to compromise.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think this would be any good?

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  • This would be good for the end users and the page building experience! Since a lot of business partners requires a single grid or card that combines all the dimensions. Having this would reduce the splitting of grids on the page just to show the needed labels.

    Also suggesting that "Column Header Group" labeling function can insert colors for the different column headers for easy navigation and visual purposes. 😃

  • Up for this one. Totally agree in terms of efficiency.

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