(NMX) L2 Model Building - Sprint 3

  1. Exam Question: what formula did you create for the confirmed purchase order receipt line item (INV01 Module)?
  2. Could someone please tell me what's wrong with my formula?
    Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt= IF Confirmed PO Delivery > 0 THEN OFFSET(Final Shipment Amount, -Final Shipping Time Weeks, 0) ELSE 0
  3. I passed 70% of this test, and this modeling question is stopping me from getting my certification.


  • Based on the formula you provided, it seems that you are trying to calculate the "Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt" for the INV01 Module. However, there appears to be an issue with the formula logic.

    The formula uses an IF statement to check if the "Confirmed PO Delivery" is greater than zero. If that condition is met, it uses the OFFSET function to retrieve the "Final Shipment Amount" value with an offset of "-Final Shipping Time Weeks" rows above the current cell. Otherwise, it returns 0.

    The problem may lie in the usage of the OFFSET function. It is essential Clarks Customer Survey to ensure that the referenced cells and ranges are correct. Check if "Final Shipment Amount" and "Final Shipping Time Weeks" are accurately defined ranges or cell references in the worksheet.

    Furthermore, verify if the units of "Final Shipping Time Weeks" align with the requirements of the OFFSET function, as it requires a numeric value for the row offset.

    To troubleshoot the formula, cross-check the cell references, make sure the data types are compatible, and validate the logic against the intended calculation. By thoroughly reviewing and testing the formula, you should be able to identify and rectify the issue, helping you to achieve your certification goal. Good luck!

  • @berthaperez1148

    I think you should be applying IF Confirmed PO Delivery <> 0 THEN……….

    <> is not equal to sign,

    Hope it helps 😊