Enhancing Visibility for 'Write/Read/None' with Conditional Coloring



Regarding the User Experience of the 'users' Menu, Role—> Module Tabs.

To facilitate the accurate identification of properly configured settings for WS administrators, I propose implementing a conditional color scheme to improve the visibility of the 'Write/Read/None' options.

In certain instances, modules might be generated without the necessary parameterization of this view. By accentuating the 'None' option through distinct coloring, we can expedite swift verification processes.

Inadequately authorized modules frequently contribute to errors that are subsequently reported during User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Addressing this concern can gain time.


Julien Froment

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  • bhill5
    edited August 2023

    yes! sorting through hundreds of line with each option being about the same length can be daunting. Simple color codes would be great (eg, none:none, yellow:read, write:blue). Can do this for all the "role tabs" too (eg, none:false, green:trueboolean).

    While we're at it…shade alternate rows (in groups of 3 is easiest) so you can follow the correct row across too, thanks!

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