Posting Action/Process Details to UX Pages or Dashboards


Some background info: my tenant has around 30 model builders and over 100+ end users who are not model builders. We employ a hub - spoke model structure and often times the non-model builder end users will need to run actions from the dashboards or UX pages and are unable to see the most recent run details since those are stored within the actions tab which is not visible to users without a model builder license. This often leads to issues in communication about when the last time this process was run, leading to delays due to extra runs when the data is already up to date.

We historically used a 3rd party ETL (Workiva) to handle to actions but were looking to reduce our footprint on the platform and consolidate some processes within Anaplan. Workiva had the ability to create time stamps from rendered text files for end user visibility. We are however moving away from that software, so we lose that functionality that we were semi reliant on.

Currently on different App and Dashboard pages you are able to post the actions/processes and change the colors and links. You are unable to post any of the subsequent details about the actions to the pages (Start time, most recent duration, ect.) These details are only visible to Model Builders since general licenses do not have access to the actions tab or model management.

My idea is to build the connection to post those process/action details (start time, duration, and an end time column which populate on action/process completion) to the UX pages and dashboards for increased visibility to end users who are not model builders, which is a larger portion of our tenant and likely the case for many others. These details are already created in the model and likely would not be a large change just creating a Boolean on the action settings to include them or not.

Attached are some locations where they could add the option to show process/action details on both dashboards and the new UX apps.

If anyone has additional ideas on how to post those details though Anaplan, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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